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"Tiannu" lacquer became the first non-homogeneous building reflective heat-insulating coating in the province "Zhejiang Construction Science and Technology Achievements Promotion Project Certificate"

Editor:Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2018-01-04 

(January 2, 2018) Recently, Zhejiang Tiannuo Group Paint Co., Ltd. produced "Tiannv" brand building reflective insulation coating (water-based colorful architectural coating, synthetic resin emulsion sand wall architectural coating) won the "Zhejiang Construction Technology The certificate of results promotion project became the first unit in the province to obtain reflective insulation coatings for non-homogeneous buildings.

Non-homogeneous building reflective insulation coating refers to sand-like, water-based colorful, water-based composite rock-like imitation granite, elastic texture and other non-uniform colors and textures, and with high solar reflectance and hemispherical emissivity Hot paint.

After nearly a year of research and development and application testing, “Tiannv” paint successfully brought building reflective insulation coatings (water-based colorful architectural coatings, synthetic resin emulsion sand-wall architectural coatings) to the market. The product is prepared by adding a synthetic resin emulsion as a base material, adding functional materials such as heat insulating powder and titanium white powder and additives. Tested by the National Chemical Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the product performance indicators are in line with JG/T 235-2014 "Building Reflective Thermal Insulation Coatings", HG/T 4343-2012 "Water-based Colorful Architectural Coatings", JG/T 24-2000 "Synthetic Resins" Emulsion sand wall architectural coatings, GB 24408-2009 "Restriction of harmful substances in exterior wall coatings for construction", and the requirements of Zhejiang Engineering Construction Standard DB 33/T 1137-2017 "Technical Regulations for the Application of Building Reflective Thermal Insulation Coatings" . The product is actually used by the user and reflects well.

On October 20, 2017, the product was verified by the production site of Zhejiang Province Construction Technology Promotion Project. On December 22, Zhejiang Construction Science and Technology Promotion Center organized Zhejiang Architectural Science Design Research Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Fangyuan Testing Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Vanke Experts in the research, testing, application and management of building materials such as Nandu Real Estate Co., Ltd. held an application evaluation meeting for promotion projects in Hangzhou. The participating experts reviewed the relevant information provided by the company, listened to the company's briefing and reviewed the product samples. It is agreed that the technical information provided by the enterprise is basically complete and meets the evaluation requirements; the functional indicators such as solar reflectance, near-infrared reflectance and hemispherical emissivity meet the standard requirements; the company's production equipment, testing equipment and quality management system are all To meet the requirements of large-scale production, it has passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system certification; agreed to "Tiannv" brand building reflective insulation coating (water-based colorful architectural coating, synthetic resin emulsion sand wall architectural coating) Through evaluation, it is applied in construction projects in Zhejiang Province.

The expert group hopes that the "Tiannu" paint will actively exert its scientific research capabilities, as well as the advantages of hemispheric emissivity tester, solar spectrum reflectance tester and other testing equipment, and strengthen the research on the application technology of building reflective heat insulation coating. In the same industry, we will take the lead in doing on-site testing and data analysis of product application effects, and make new contributions to the promotion of scientific and technological achievements in the province.