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Zhejiang Coating Industry Environmental Conference was held in Tongxiang

Editor:Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2018-04-16 

In order to learn and implement environmental protection policies, regulations and standards, exchange and discuss successful practices and experiences in the control and treatment of pollutants and waste water in the coatings industry, discuss the green and healthy development of the coating industry in the province, and promote the transformation and upgrading of coating enterprises in the province. The Provincial Coatings Industry Association held the province's coating industry environmental protection conference in Tongxiang on April 9, 2018.

The conference was hosted by Zhejiang Paint Industry Association and co-organized by Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd., and more than 120 representatives from the province's coating industry participated. Ma Xinhua, secretary-general of the association, presided over the meeting. Yao Fei, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Tiannuo Group Paint Co., Ltd., delivered the speech.

Relevant leaders of the Tongxiang Municipal Government, the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, the Provincial Economic and Information Committee, the Tongxiang Municipal Office, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Economic Information Bureau, and the Development Zone Management Committee attached great importance to this meeting. Zhu Weiqiang, deputy mayor of Tongxiang Municipal People's Government At the meeting, he gave a speech and introduced the economic and social development of Tongxiang and the ecological environment protection. Ye Binghai, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, introduced the development of the chemical industry in the province, as well as the industrial policy and transformation and upgrading requirements of environmental protection; Shi Yifeng, director of the Environmental Protection Department of the Environmental Protection Department, introduced the policies, regulations and standards that will be introduced and implemented in environmental protection, especially in the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution.

The meeting invited Gu Zhenyu, deputy director of the Institute of Atmospheric Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control of Zhejiang Academy of Environmental Sciences, and professor-level senior engineer Gu Zhenyu to interpret the national and provincial laws, regulations and standards related to environmental protection, and proposed from the aspects of source control, process control and end management. There are several issues that should be noted in the management of volatile organic compounds in the production process of coatings companies. Huang Yidong, assistant director and senior engineer of the National Coating Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, gave a detailed introduction to the progress of China's green product certification, the main work content, the actual comparison of the standard text content with domestic and foreign indicators, and the implementation and certification of standards.

At the meeting, three key backbone paint manufacturers in our province exchanged treatment measures for waste gas and waste water. Dong Qunfeng, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Tiannuo Group Paint Co., Ltd. introduced the collection of waste gas from the company's new plant and RTO heat storage incineration equipment, as well as resin. Synthetic high-concentration wastewater anaerobic + aerobic high-efficiency microbial treatment facility technology; Chen Liquan, general manager of Zhejiang Bridge Paint Co., Ltd. introduced the practical application of RTO in the company's production, and how to ensure the safe and effective operation of the facility; Zhejiang Chen Jianping, Director of Production Department of Chuanhua Coating Co., Ltd. introduced the research and exploration results in the selection of VOCs treatment facilities in the production of solvent-based industrial coatings. Zhu Hongbo, an engineer of the process design department of Zhejiang Jueneng Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., an environmental protection facility and technology provider, introduced the high-efficiency microbial treatment engineering technology and case of high-concentration wastewater produced by resin synthesis.

After the meeting, the delegates came to the new factory area of Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. located in the chemical accumulation area of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, and visited the resin workshop, paint workshop, RTO waste gas treatment device and sewage treatment facility that had just started trial production. And tank area. The new plant area of Tiannian Paint, which started construction in 2016, covers an area of 175 mu, with a new plant of more than 83,000 square meters, and a total investment of nearly 400 million yuan. The project adopts domestic leading production process equipment and automation control technology such as DCS, as well as exhaust gas, waste water and other supporting facilities. The key production processes are all automated, sealed and pipelined. The production scale and equipment level of the enterprise are leading in the same industry in the province.