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1、Special technical service

According to the type, function, status quo and use environment of the objects to be painted, professional technicians shall be on site for on-site investigation, and the coating construction and related personnel shall be trained in painting professional skills. For the special environment and coated construction objects with special requirements, assist the construction party to determine the individual coating process to ensure the quality of the coating construction.

2、Special delivery service

Equipped with professional dangerous goods transportation company, arrange special vehicle support product transportation, timely product distribution, ensure that products are shipped as soon as possible, to meet customers' demand for materials at any time and any place.

3、Special on-site service

Equipped with professional technical personnel to provide on-site technical consultation and technical guidance services, on-site treatment to solve problems that may occur in painting construction, to ensure the quality of coating construction and project progress.

4、Special after sales service

Provide free on-site service for any situation and problems that arise during the construction process and during use. Arrange after-sales service personnel to conduct a return visit survey to customers of the project, and immediately meet customer requirements.

The company has professional technical service personnel, advanced technical service equipment, years of technical service experience, good professional ethics, high sense of responsibility, and strive to win customers' satisfaction with professional technology and meticulous service.

The company promises:

1.Under the conditions of the user's compliance with transportation and storage, the product warranty period is 6 to 12 months.

2.During the product warranty period, each batch of products should be sampled to ensure traceability.

3.During the product warranty period, if there is a quality problem of the product itself, replace the corresponding quantity of the product for free and compensate for the corresponding loss.

4.After-sales service response time commitment: If the customer requests on-site service or quality complaint after the product is delivered, it will arrive at the scene within the time limit after receiving the notice, including within 24 hours in the East China region and within 48 hours in other parts of the country.