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Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd.

National key enterprises in the coatings industry and the president of the Zhejiang Coatings Association
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The predecessor of Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980 by Tongxiang County Ling'an Zhiqing Paint Factory. In 1980, it was renamed Tongxiang Paint Factory. In 1994, Zhejiang Tiannv Group Co., Ltd. was established. In 1998, Zhejiang Tiannv Group Painted Co., Ltd. was established. The company now owns two wholly-owned subsidiaries of Tongxiang Tiannuo Yintie Can Co., Ltd. and Jiaxing Jiatong Dangerous Chemicals Transportation Co., Ltd.

The company specializes in R&D, production, sales and after-sales technical services of paints and coatings. In 2018, the company moved to Tongxiang Economic Development Zone in Zhejiang Province. The new factory covers an area of 175 mu and the building area is 83,108 square meters. The production process uses a distributed control system. DCS) and automation, sealing, pipeline production process equipment, and environmental protection facilities such as RTO regenerative incineration waste gas treatment equipment imported from Italy, forming an annual output of 30,000 tons of synthetic resin, 55,000 tons of high performance, high solids, low VOC solvent Type coatings, and 65,000 tons of environmentally friendly waterborne industrial coatings and architectural coatings.

The company produces "Tiannu" brand coil coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, light industrial coatings, railway road coatings, insulating coatings, floor coatings, wood coatings, automotive coatings, general coatings, other special coatings, auxiliary materials and other solvent-based coatings, as well as water-based coatings. Paint, water-based architectural coatings, some products have passed CCC certification and UL certification, "Tiannv" brand was identified as Zhejiang famous brand products and Zhejiang famous brand.

The company pays attention to independent innovation, actively implements industry-university-research cooperation, has a R&D building with a construction area of 3,350 square meters, and has established innovative carriers such as provincial-level enterprise research institutes and provincial-level high-tech enterprise R&D centers, and is committed to environmentally friendly and resource-saving coatings. In recent years, it has obtained 10 independent invention patents and 25 utility model patents. It is responsible for and participating in the revision of 10 national standards and 21 industry standards. The company has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise. Zhejiang standard innovative enterprise.

The company adheres to the principle of honest operation, actively undertakes corporate social responsibility, and enthusiastically supports education, charity and social welfare undertakings. 44% and 30% of the funds are invested in the establishment of the Tongxiang Maodun High School and the Tongxiang Qiushi Experimental Middle School. Awarded to China's outstanding private enterprises in petroleum and chemical industry, the national advanced unit of petroleum and chemical environmental protection, the top 100 enterprises in China's coating industry, the most promising enterprises in China's coating industry, the 40 years of reform and opening up, the contribution of China's coating industry, and the integrity of Zhejiang Province Demonstration enterprises, Zhejiang AAA-level credit-honoring contracting units, Zhejiang AAA-level tax credit enterprises, Tongxiang City's top ten national tax companies, Tongxiang City's top ten outstanding industrial enterprises and Tongxiang city mayor quality awards. Chairman Yao Yiming was named as outstanding private entrepreneur of China's petroleum and chemical industry, outstanding manager of environmental protection of the national petroleum and chemical industry (director), outstanding entrepreneur of China's coating industry for over 100 years, outstanding entrepreneur of China's coating industry for 40 years of reform and opening up, Zhejiang Excellent entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises in the province and outstanding operators of top ten industrial enterprises in Tongxiang City.

The company is dedicated to provide customers with professional and reliable products, services and technical solutions, is a partner you can trust!