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Work together and grow together

Editor:Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-06-18 

Tiannian Lacquer successfully held the 2019 dealer technical exchange meeting

On June 15th, 2019, the major distributors of Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. gathered in Tongxiang to participate in the 2019 distributor technical exchange meeting held by the company.

Yao Fei, the deputy general manager of the company, delivered a speech at the meeting. I sincerely thank all the old and new friends for their trust, support and understanding of the company in the past 40 years. Standing on the new development starting point, the company will strive to give full play to its advantages, always focus on customers, and continuously introduce cost-effective products that can meet environmental protection requirements and individualized needs of users, continuously improve service capabilities and levels, and enhance customer satisfaction. At the meeting, he also introduced the company's production equipment, environmental treatment facilities, scientific research and innovation, as well as product production capacity after the relocation and expansion, showing the company's new image and new look.

In the release of the development status and trends of the coatings industry, the company has proposed that the coatings industry has experienced the most severe test in history in recent years. The environmental protection, safety production policies, laws, regulations and standards are becoming more stringent, and the coating enterprises operate risks and costs and survive. The pressure will be further increased, and environmental protection will promote transformation and green development will become the only way for the future development of the coatings industry. In the future, not only civil coatings such as wood coatings and architectural coatings must strictly control the limits of harmful substances in products, but also industrial anti-corrosion coatings. The mandatory environmental requirements for coatings cover almost all products. The majority of dealers must face changes in the external environment such as the market and policies, take the initiative to respond in advance, and strive to diversify the sales channels.

Dong Yuelin, general manager of the company, pointed out at the meeting that “Tianwo” water lacquer, including key raw materials, water-based resin all rely on independent innovation and research and development, VOC, heavy metals and other harmful substances meet the relevant standards and requirements, not only environmentally friendly, but also as non-hazardous chemicals, According to the storage and transportation of ordinary goods, it has created conditions for the sale of e-commerce and the expansion of sales channels. He emphasized that environmentally friendly coatings that meet national policies and market requirements include not only waterborne coatings, but also high-solids, low-VOC solvent-based coatings.

The company's technical staff introduced the variety, characteristics, application scope, construction requirements and precautions of “Tiannu” brand water paint. At present, the company has launched water-based one-component self-drying paint, water-based steel structural paint, water-based epoxy paint, Waterborne acrylic drying varnish, waterborne acrylic self-drying lacquer and waterborne polyurethane lacquer in 6 series. Combined with the application cases of the products in the past two years, the root causes of the quality problems such as dusting, rusting, blistering and cracking which are prone to occur in the application of water lacquer construction are analyzed, and specific solutions are proposed.

At the meeting, representatives from dealers from Ningbo and Zhangjiagang exchanged their experiences in promoting the sales of “Tiannu” brand water paint, fully affirming the company's efforts in the research, development, production and promotion of water paint. The company and its distributors also discussed how to make a good connection between solvent-based paints and water-based paints, product promotion and application, and how to avoid product quality problems.

In the on-site construction demonstration and experience of the “Tianwo” brand water paint arranged by the company, the dealers watched the on-site spraying and painting demonstration of the product with great interest. 3600 water-based steel structure anti-rust paint on site exhibited a wet film thickness of 225μm without sag, the surface drying time is less than 20 minutes; 3300 water-based blending paint once sprayed film thickness 200μm does not sag, easy to apply when brushing, flow Good flatness, only 25 minutes of dry time, the film is bright and full, and has been well received by dealers. Through the on-site experience, it has enhanced the confidence and determination of all dealers to promote and sell products. They believe that the market prospect of “Tiannv” brand water paint will be better and better. Some dealers have painted water on the spot after the event. purchase order.