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The leaders of the Zhejiang Provincial Archives Bureau fully affirmed that the history of the

Editor:Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-04-02 

On the morning of March 28th, Zhejiang Provincial Archives Inspector Ding Yuefei and Deputy Director Hu Chunxia and Mo Jianyi and his entourage accompanied by Zhou Weiguo, deputy director of the Tongxiang Municipal Bureau of Archives, came to Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. to investigate the enterprise file. jobs.

Yao Yanming, the chairman of the company, introduced the work of the enterprise archives to the research team. Since the establishment of the comprehensive archives room in 1991, the company has always taken the file management as an important basic work of the enterprise, and the conditions for the preservation of archives have been continuously improved. The rules and regulations in terms of sorting, preservation, and utilization have become increasingly sound, and the degree of informationization of archives management has gradually improved. At present, the company is equipped with two full-time file administrators, and the total number of inventory files has more than 15,000 volumes (pieces), which have played a supporting and functional role in scientific research, production, operation, management and other business activities and corporate decision-making.

The research team visited the company's comprehensive archives warehouse and spotted some physical files such as files and photographs. After reading the papers, the company's predecessor, Tongxiang County Ling'an Zhiqing Paint Factory, was published in April 1980. Precious historical archives such as materials.

Ding Yuefei inspectors fully affirmed the archives work of Tiannian Paint Company. As an outstanding private enterprise with 40 years of history, the company has accumulated and connotation, and maintains steady and innovative development. The leaders of the company have a deep understanding of the archives work and have always attached importance to it and really grasped it. In practice, the file management work is solid, the daily work is inseparable, and the key moments such as enterprise restructuring, technological transformation, relocation and expansion play an obvious role, enhancing the image and soft power of the enterprise, and the company's history can continue. The collection and utilization of archives are typical, and the experience is worthy of summarization and promotion.

Ding Yuefei inspectors stressed that the enterprise archives work should keep up with the pace of the times, constantly improve the level of information management, save more audiovisual files, and pay attention to the expansion of functions. He hopes that Tiannian Paint Company can further improve the development and utilization of enterprise files, and play a greater role and role in corporate culture construction, business decision-making and enhancing employee cohesion and centripetal force.