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The “Zhejiang Manufacturing” group standard “Pre-coated Coil Coating for Construction” passed the expert group review

Editor:Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2017-11-19 

(November 17th) On November 16th, 2017, Zhejiang Province “Zhejiang Manufacturing” Brand Construction Promotion Association organized a “Zhejiang Manufacturing” group standard “Pre-coated Coil Coating for Construction” review meeting in Tongxiang City. Experts in scientific research, inspection and testing, standardization, certification bodies and industry associations, standards mainly and representatives of the participating drafting units, and leaders of Tongxiang City Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau attended the meeting.

Participants listened carefully to the report of the standard working group on the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” group standard “pre-coated coil coating for construction”, the advancement, preparation and solicitation of opinions. The standard was submitted by Zhejiang Tiannuo Group Paint Co., Ltd. to Zhejiang Province “Zhejiang Manufacturing” Brand Construction Promotion Association. The project was included in the second batch of “Zhejiang Manufacturing” standard formulation plan in 2017 after project approval. According to the plan, the standard was led by the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Standardization, and Zhejiang Tiannian Group Paint Co., Ltd., a key domestic coil coating manufacturer, was drafted. The members of the standard working group are extensive and representative, and there are national paint quality supervision. The inspection center, the National Chemical Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the Zhejiang Provincial Product Quality and Safety Inspection and Research Institute, and other authoritative national and provincial inspection and testing institutions, and the peer company Ningbo Zhengliang Coating Industry Co., Ltd., which is responsible for drafting the unit, and the downstream main users. Zhejiang Xiehe Shouxin Steel Co., Ltd. and Haining Zhongda Building Materials Co., Ltd.

At the judging meeting, the judging panel consisting of experts from the National Chemical Standardization Technical Committee Organic Chemical Branch, Zhejiang Fangyuan Testing Group Co., Ltd., CNOOC Changzhou Coating Chemical Research Institute, Zhejiang Coatings Industry Association and China Quality Certification Center was enthusiastic. Full discussion, suggestions and suggestions for further revision and improvement of the standard content. The expert group unanimously agreed that the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” group standard “Pre-coated Coil Coating for Construction” is based on the chemical industry standard HG/T 3830-2006 “Coil Coating” and refers to the requirements of similar products of the international advanced enterprise Akzo Nobel. In combination with the technical development trend of energy-saving, high-efficiency and high-performance of pre-coated coil coatings for construction, it is formulated in accordance with the requirements of the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” standard positioning. Compared with industry standards, the standard increases the requirements of key technical indicators such as volume solid content, neutral salt spray resistance and artificial aging resistance, and increases the curing time, boiling water resistance, alkali resistance and other technical indicators, including curing time and resistance. The key technical indicators such as artificial aging are better than the international similar products. The main technical indicators have reached the level of “domestic first-class and international advanced”, and have made quality commitments to products and services, which are conducive to improving the quality stability and reliability of products, as well as coatings. The technical level of the industry enhances the brand image of “Made in Zhejiang”.

"Zhejiang Manufacturing" group standard "pre-coated coil coating for construction" is based on the industry standard and international advanced standards. Based on the consumer perspective, with the goal of improving user experience and satisfaction, the product life cycle concept and system analysis method are followed. The standard of the first-class products that meet the requirements of the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" standard and the domestic first-class enterprises to stabilize production in batches is formulated. The basic requirements of product design and development, raw material control, process technology, production equipment, environmental protection, etc., as well as technical requirements, application requirements and quality commitments, fully reflect the true material of the product (high volume solid content, Large coating amount), energy saving (low baking curing temperature, short time), good processability (T-bend, strong cross-hatch adhesion), durable (acid, alkali, neutral salt spray, resistant Features such as excellent aging performance.

After the approval of the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” group standard “Pre-coated Coil Coating for Construction”, the main drafting unit Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. will start the preliminary work of “Zhejiang Manufacturing” brand certification, and strive to pass the certification as soon as possible. Enhance corporate and product brand image.

According to relevant experts, “Zhejiang Manufacturing” is based on “regional brand, advanced standards, market certification, international recognition” and “standard + certification” as a means to integrate quality, technology, service and reputation. It is recognized by the society that the regional brand image logo, which represents the advanced nature of Zhejiang manufacturing industry, is the “standard” and “leader” of Zhejiang manufacturing industry and is synonymous with high quality and high level. The “Zhejiang Manufacturing” standard system applies the “A+B” model, which reflects the regional brand building concept of “good enterprise” and “good product” in Zhejiang. The A standard is the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" evaluation standard, and the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" brand enterprises put forward the characteristics of "quality excellence, independent innovation, industrial synergy, social responsibility". The B series of standards represents the comprehensive requirements of the "Zhejiang manufacturing" personalized products, focusing on the content of "Zhejiang manufacturing" product standards "exquisite design, sophisticated material selection, precision manufacturing, precision service".