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Performing the main responsibility, doing a good job and improving the level of safety production management

Editor:Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-06-17 

Tiannuo Paint Company successfully held a public production day for safe production

On the afternoon of June 13, as one of the themes of the “Safe Production Month” event of 2019, in order to further improve the scientific awareness of the safety of hazardous chemicals in the whole society, and guide the public to understand, support and supervise the safe production management of hazardous chemicals, The public production day of the safety production jointly sponsored by the enterprise, Tongxiang Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and Tongxiang Economic Development Zone Management Committee was held in Zhejiang Tiannv Group Paint Co., Ltd.

Li Weiming, deputy director of Tongxiang City Emergency Management Bureau, and Zhu Bingchao, deputy director of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee, gave on-the-spot guidance and participated in the activities. Some of the people’s congress representatives, CPPCC members and mass representatives of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone (Gaqiao Street) participated in the event. The fourth and fifth group of the young and middle-aged cadres of Tongxiang City, and the chairman of the organizer Tianyou Paint Company, Yao Yuming, and general manager Dong Yuelin.


All the participants attended the brief introduction of the basic situation and safety production management of Tiannian Paint Company. They visited the enterprise hazardous chemicals storage tank area, resin production workshop and waste gas collection and treatment equipment, and asked about the automation and closed production of the enterprise. Equipment and processes, as well as DCS automated safety control systems, flammable and toxic gas concentration alarm systems, fire fighting foam systems, fire sprinkler systems, lightning protection and anti-static facilities and other safety facilities.

Founded in 1980, Tiannv Paint Co., Ltd. mainly produces two series of 12 types of solvent-based paints and water-based paints. The “Tiannv” brand paints of more than 4,000 varieties have been the key backbone of the domestic coating industry after nearly 40 years of development. The company is the leading enterprise in the coatings industry in Zhejiang Province. It is currently the president of the Zhejiang Coatings Industry Association and has won the title of outstanding private enterprises in China's petroleum and chemical industry and advanced units of national petroleum and chemical environmental protection. In 2018, the company moved to the chemical accumulation area of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone. The new factory covers an area of 175 mu, with a construction area of 83,108 square meters and an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons. The relocation and expansion project is strictly in accordance with the “three simultaneous” requirements of safety facilities, and entrusts qualified units to carry out design, safety evaluation, installation and supervision, and the safety facilities are invested more than 22 million yuan. After more than four years of construction, the project officially passed the “three simultaneous” inspection of safety facilities on March 16 this year, and the safety production license for hazardous chemicals production enterprises was obtained on May 27.


For many years, Tiannian Paint Company has adhered to the safety concept and concept of “responsible for the safety of employees, responsible for the personal and property safety of the surrounding people, responsible for the safety of the company’s property, and responsible for hundreds of families behind the employees”. Based on safety production policies, laws, regulations and standards, we focus on the safety production standardization of hazardous chemical production enterprises, focusing on intrinsic safety and long-term management, with “less accidents, no accidents, and every employee”. "Be happy to go to work, go home safely" as the goal, around safety production policies, laws and regulations and standards, safety management institutions and mechanisms, risk hazard management, safety production management system construction, safety production education and training, safety production facilities, special Work permit approval, occupational health and safety management, hazardous chemicals safety management and emergency rescue mechanism construction work in 10 aspects, achieving safe production for 40 years without major accidents, and ensuring the safe and sustainable development of enterprises.

In this safety production public open day event, Tiannian Paint Company showed the public a new image of the company, as well as measures to increase investment and continuous improvement in safety production management, and improved the scientific management of hazardous chemicals for the participants. Cognition. The safety production accidents of chemical enterprises are preventable and controllable. The key is that enterprises must earnestly assume responsibility for safety production, enhance awareness, standardize management, and work hard to achieve enterprise safety and long-term development.